The Opportunity Network’s

Summer Science Research Program

a six-week virtual research intensive for future scientists and healthcare professionals

The Opportunity Network’s Summer Science Research Program (OppNet SSRP) aims to create a collaborative research community where underrepresented students can develop foundational scientific research skills while amplifying their own and each other’s voices.

OppNet SSRP 2020

Research Skills

Throughout the six weeks of OppNet SSRP, Fellows acquire fundamental research skills to prepare them for future laboratory science work. OppNet SSRP Fellows craft their own Research Questions, then find and use scientific empirical studies to investigate their chosen fields of inquiry, all for the end goal of creating a Research Statement and Research Project of their own design.

Collaborative Community

OppNet SSRP Fellows engage in collaborative coursework and peer review throughout the program, sharing their knowledge, and supporting each other’s ideas. A typical OppNet SSRP week involves an interactive Core Class, an inquiry-based small group Journal Club, and a weekly Lab Meeting in Research Cohorts. Fellows also participate in STEM Networking events with professors, researchers, and healthcare professionals, and weekly Office Hours meetings with their OppNet SSRP Research Educator or Mentor.

Real-World Impact

OppNet SSRP Fellows craft Research Statements to document their research findings and future goals, and Research Projects to communicate those findings to an audience of their choice – one for whom their research can have immediate, real-world, positive impact.

Weeks 1&2

The Question

Fellows choose a field of inquiry according to their interests, and develop a guiding Research Question that is focused, complex, and can be researched using scientific empirical studies.

Weeks 3&4

The Research

Guided by their Research Questions, Fellows learn to use research databases to access and read scientific empirical studies, synthesizing their findings in a Research Statement.

Weeks 5&6

The Projects

Fellows support each other’s work with a peer review process, then create and present their Research Projects, targeted towards a specific audience with the goal of immediate, real-world positive impact.

An underlying goal of this program is to provide an experience for Fellows that will position them for competitive undergraduate science research assistantships and opportunities following OppNet SSRP.


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About Us

OppNet SSRP was founded by four College Fellows and two OppNet Staff Members.

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